Archived Gallery #082 — The Bug vs. Soundmurderer Peel Session


The Bug vs. Soundmurderer Peel Seesion. BBC Maida Vale Studios, London.
12th November 2003.


Possibly (maybe) the best Peel Session I’ve ever attended. A soundclash between The Bug and Soundmurderer.

Needless to say it was insanely loud.

The walls of Studio MV4 swarmed and dithered to sound system pressure.

The Bug aka Kevin Martin brought the likes of Wayne Lonesome, MC Ras B and Warrior Queen to face off against Soundmurderer’s junglist clatter.

And was also very much tickled by the fact he brought his desktop PC, complete with handle and exposed motherboard. I guess the internal fans couldn’t keep it cool enough.

Anyway, John absolutely loved this and I almost saw him make a move beyond the head nod! That’s how good it was.

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