Archived Gallery #084 — Interplay 2


Interplay 2. Spitz, Commercial Street, London.
20th November 2003.

Reached out to organisers Douglas and Iris in help with identifying the artists involved at their 2-day event held in the ramshackle surroundings of the Spitz (see an older post on my tiny rant about what happened to this much-beloved venue).

Anyway, this was seriously ace accessible experimental music. Props to both of them for running the much-missed Sprawl events back in the day too. None of which I visually documented but should have.

Niobe + Rob Flint
Andy Vaz + Portable
Iris Garrelfs + Si-cut.db
Vert + Tom Chant
Mapstation + Bill Wells
Kumo + Ryoko Kuwajima + Rob Flint

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