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2 min readDec 28, 2021

Mike Harding’s Top 13 releases for 2021

Although for many its been a desperately sad year, with hundreds of thousands impacted in various ways by COVID-19, Brexit and other local, personal, national and international events, it’s been an extraordinary year for musical releases.

I have chosen 13 recordings to suit the mood, in no particular order;

  1. Youmna Saba: Al-Sobh for the conference “Working Through Crisis: Innovations, Possibilities and Limitations of Research in a Volatile Lebanon”, organized by the RELIEF Center, in March 2021 (Unreleased)
  2. Marsha Fisher: Cloquet Sketches (Self Released, Album)
  3. Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck: Stardust (Touch, Album)
  4. Manja Ristić: Kairos & The Dwellers (Self Released, Album)
  5. Steve Roden: Stars of Ice (Room40, Album)
  6. Patrick Shiroishi: Hidemi (American Dreams, Album)
  7. Gabie Strong: Wilding Sun (Dragon’s Eye, Album)
  8. Lina Tullgren: Visiting (Self Released, Album)
  9. Melissa Pons: Wolf Soundscapes (Self Released, Album)
  10. Geneva Skeen: Double Bind (Room40, Album)
  11. CM von Hausswolff: The Wind In Kirtipur (Erototox, Album)

And two items I found myself:

  1. Little Man, Big Voice: a recording from the streets of Los Angeles (Field Recording)
  2. venoztks: Light Breaker (Self Released, Album)

I couldn’t find room for excellent work from Olivia Block, Susje Ritsch, Strom | Morts, Ian Wellman, Yann Novak, Brook Hinton, Jeremy Young, Tony Elleh, Innode, Travelogue, Charlie Campagna, Jim Haynes, Yenting Hsu, Ian Hawgood, Mike Dobler and countless others suffering to various degrees.

Mike is the publisher of Touch. Curator & Producer; Lecturer & Publisher; Author & Editor; Moderator; occasional exhibitions / installations / performances. He has been running Touch with Jon Wozencroft since 1982.

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