Council Meeting Memo #074 — Mike Harding’s Top 10 for 2023

Squatney District Council
2 min readDec 18, 2023

Hibernation Activities

Bana Haffar: intimaa’ (Touch)
Scandalously looked over, this great record shows what a constantly challenging and vigorous artist Bana is. She keeps us on our toes and is always one step ahead… marvellous!

Sam Dunscombe: Two Forests / Oceanic (Black Truffle)
A revelation. “This release is the result of several years’ research into the role played by music in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapeutic practice…” I’m in!

Ted Reichman: ‘Orgelwerke’ (Ash International)
Wonderful reworking of discarded vinyl. THE GREAT RECKONING is coming for this fossil fuel-based product, and here’s a fantastic way to work with what others have discarded.

William Fowler Collins: Alone Inside The Walls Of Night (The Tapeworm)
Good artists know how to self-edit and show restraint. Here’s one of them.

Claire M Singer: Saor (Touch)
Each album Claire makes underlines what a unique road she is treading. Her vision is framed with emotive power in a way few others manage. Every home should have one.

Alka: On The Run (Mortality Tables)
One of those glorious moments which are gone as soon as they appear….HUNT IT DOWN!

CM Von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla: Travelogue (Bali) (Touch)
Bloody hell! Was stunned when this came in and it still turns me around.

Philip Jeck & Chris Watson: Oxmardyke (Touch)
The generosity of spirit of these two artists produced a gem, in the most difficult of circumstances. Although a bright shining light powered down, it continues to pulse through our universe of listening.

John Krausbauer & Patrick Shiroishi: High Life
Get the physical if you can find it. A screaming drone of a record from a remarkable pairing, recorded in 2021.

Ulrich Krieger: Aphotic II — Abyssal (ROOM40)
“Down down, deeper and down.” Sub-pelagic glory from a world we have no right to do anything to but observe and learn.

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