Council Meeting Memo #079 —Phil Raffaele’s Top 10 for 2023

Squatney District Council
2 min readDec 23, 2023


10 records that made the house go hum in 2023

  1. DJ Trystero: Castillo (Incienso)
    All class flawless front to back stunner from the city-2 st giga bossman — fits many moods.
  2. Purelink: Signs (Peak Oil)
    Perfect temperature water, soothing and enigmatic — very excited to see the future from these three.
  3. Pmxper: Pmxper (Smalltown Supersound)
    I really enjoy the solo works from both but this linkup is truly something special and delicate.
  4. Hysterical Love Project: Lashes (Motion Ward)
  5. ASO: ASO (Low Lying)
    When I hear the words “trip hop revivalism” I want to cringe and lobotomize myself yet ASO & HLP manage to capture a real magic that transcends time and space that doesn’t imitate old styles, instead it energizes a whole new sphere in modern music — real bright spots.
  6. Nueen: Link (3XL)
    Gospel music for dope smokers.
  7. Rezzett: Meant Like This (The Trilogy Tapes)
    The unassuming masters at work — the long awaited TTT100 did not disappoint.
  8. Lukid: Tilt (Glum)
    Sine surfing between harsh rhythms and delicate melodies — unique and unfadeable as always.
  9. John T Gast: Sinead Memory Tape (5 Gate Temple)
    More smoke for the fog machine — musical incense that fills the whole room.
  10. Shinetiac: Not all who wander are lost (West Mineral)
    West Mineral Traveling Wilburys deliver fine ooze that delights as it quivers.


Voices From the Lake: S/T (Spazio Disponibile)
Utterly essential and still perfect a decade later.

Dorothy Carter: Wailee Wailee (Palo Flats / Putojefe Records)
Unreal sounds — great companion to ernest hood records.

Hiroshi Yoshimura: Surround (Temporal Drift)
Sublime perfection.


Huge tunes, big attitude, all class.

Searchlight Moonbeam (Efficient Space)
Gorgeously curated treasures on this one.

Phil is a voracious record hunter / DJ who lives in Connecticut with his wife (hi Sam!) and his cat (hi Noodle!)



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