Council Meeting Memo #083 — Dr. Lao’s Top 10 for 2023

Squatney District Council
1 min readDec 29, 2023

“Medicine by Dr. Lao.”

These are a selection of 10 tracks / EPs / Albums that were currently on my mind at the time I was asked for one of those dreadful lists. ;-) Would probably change my mind tomorrow but fuck it. oh..and they are in no particular order.

  1. Lootpack: Hityawitdat [Track] (Stones Throw)
  2. Gacha Bakradze & HVL: Splits [EP] (Organic Analogue)
  3. Keek: Synaptic Poon-Tactic [Track] (Parallel Recordings, Ltd.)
  4. Low Jack and Time Cow: Glacial Dancehall 2 [Cassette] (Bokeh Versions)
  5. Lukid: Tilt [Album] (Glum)
  6. Yennek: Serena X (Inner Zone Mix) [Track] (Buzz)
  7. Holy Tongue: Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare [Album] (Amidah)
  8. Soul Oddity: Tone Capsule [Album] (Capsule Freak)
  9. Mu Tate (ft. Space Afrika): ∞∞ [Track] (Utter)
  10. Baraka: I’ll be there [Track] (Boogie Beat)

Dr. Lao is Benedetta Sodini (@teasnips), an Italian designer living in London. She also runs Organic Analogue Records with Nate (@nate.forest)



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