Council Meeting Memo #085 — Caparcara’s Top 10 +1 for 2023

Squatney District Council
2 min readDec 31, 2023
  1. Thantifaxath: Hive Mind Narcosis (Dark Descent)
    Complex black metal k-hole from Canada’s Thantifaxath. Much better album sleeve this time.
  2. Nächtlich / Orgy Of Carrion: Exaltation Of Evil / Deliverance From My Cursed Shadow (Death Hymns)
    Private press black metal racket featuring Canadian party starters, Nächtlich.
  3. Dëhks…Ëspërance: Tragedy in the eternal empire of Mälëfice… (Ixiol)
    If I was ranking these entries, this would be #1. Black metal / ambient triumph from Cërcle Mortüaire outsider.
  4. DJ Desecrator: Ritual Giblets (The Trilogy Tapes)
    Extreme music party mix!
  5. Coffin Mulch: Spectral Intercession (At War With False Noise)
    Death metal, thankfully, not taking itself too seriously. Perfectly mixed and mastered (Dan Swanö!)
  6. Gravesend: Gowanus Death Stomp (20 Buck Spin)
    Black metal / grindcore antagonists return from NY, not Thames estuary.
  7. Zorn: Zorn (Sorry State)
    Metal and hardcore highlight from Philly’s Zorn.
  8. Sanguisugabogg: Homicidal Ecstasy (Century Media)
    Knuckle-dragging death metal fun.
  9. Wagner Ödegård: Panvatn (GoatowaRex)
    WÖ pushes the boundaries of black metal again; features a brilliant WTF moment at the end.
  10. Nox Morbum: | — -||||||||||||||||| — — — — (GoatowaRex)
    Lo-fi black metal goodness so good it gets reversed on the b-side.
  11. The Hell: S/T (Drunken Sailor)
    Top d-beat business from Cleveland nihilists.

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